Business Coaching
For Change and During Periods of Pressure

Change and pressure can be challenging experiences: When taking over a high-profile leadership role, undergoing restructuring at your company, or simply wanting to change your circumstances.

In these situations, certain key coping mechanisms – patterns that determine our behaviour in response to many situations and that often come to the fore in times of stress – play an essential role. My coaching approach enables you to recognize and understand your personal coping mechanisms and their implications for you after very few coaching sessions. By addressing these patterns, you will not only find solutions for the concrete issues affecting you right now, but also enrich your behavioural repertoire in the sense of your very own goals and values. The specific route to be taken in the coaching will always be decided together on a case by case basis to match your unique needs.

Current References:

  • “My ambition for the coaching was to be seen and recognized at my company as a possible candidate for executive positions. In the coaching, I realized that I had been undermining my ambitions myself. I have been able to substantially change my behaviour towards decision-makers as a result. I am benefitting in many situations – professional and private ones – from the work in the coaching, but I also know that there are some situations in which it is good to react like I have in the past.” (Bernhard M.)
  • “After many years in a successful, but also exhausting professional career, I was looking for new opportunities. In the coaching, we explored what motivates me in my work and what stresses me. Specifically, we looked into the subconscious forces at work in my decisions and patterns of behaviour. Apart from it being a very interesting opportunity to learn something about myself, it was simply a very entertaining experience, discovering new prospects together and preparing for my decision about my future direction. We discussed the concrete alternatives with a view to the criteria and patterns we had identified beforehand. The coaching contributed very substantially indeed to me making the right decision for myself. Thank you!” (Sebastian F.)